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tie pin

tie pin



Fabrication method


Imitation Cloisonne
Custom die-struck metal pieces. Colors are hand-filled into the recessed areas with epoxy (Imitation Cloisonne) colors. Baked at 200°C to harden the epoxy. Each piece is then sanded, washed, polished and electro-plated. Similar in appearance to cloisonne with the ability to match most PMS colors and great pricing.
Material: Copper/Brass
Thickness: 1.4mm
Color: Hard Enamel
Specific color: DIC/PANTONE
Epoxy: No


Soft Enamel
The perfect choice when dimension and color are the criteria for your design. Choose the die-struck pin with soft enamel color-filled into deep die-struck indents.
Material: Brass / Copper / Iron
Thickness: 1.2mm
Specific color: DIC/PANTONE
Epoxy: Yes /No

・Gold plating
・Nickel plating


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